pau sanchez



Computer Engineer    Full-Stack Developer

 Lenguajes de desarrollo

PHP - Html - CSS - JavaScript - jQuery - Java - Android - Python - Django - C - C++ - UML - SQL y otros lenguajes y frameworks.

 Algoritmos y técnicas

POO - POE - Ajax - Dynamic Programming - Backtracking solvers - Branch and Bound - Search Algorithms (BFS, DFS, UCS, ASTAR), Zero-sum games (MinMax) - Algoritmos sobre grafos - Algoritmos sobre matrices - Q-Learning.

Últimos trabajos


A-Star Puzzle

A-Star Puzzle

    Founder & developer

sartVal - Slider Plugin

sartVal - Slider Plugin

    Founder & developer

Save All The Robots

Save All The Robots  (Web version)

    Fundador, Desarrollador Front-End/Back-End, Diseñador, Algoritmos, IA



    Fundador, Desarrollador Front-End/Back-End, Diseñador, Algoritmos

Save All The Robots - Android

Save All The Robots  (Android version)

    Co-Fundador, Desarrollador Android, Diseño de Software POO/POE

startVal Crowdfunding

startVal Crowdfunding

    Fundador, Desarrollador Front-end/Back-End, Diseñador de Software

Pau Sanchez


I am a computer engineer who loves programming and enjoys developing games, applications and algorithms. I got my degree at the University of Barcelona.

I really like programming Artificial Intelligence algorithms to find the best solution for a given problem, I love developing applications and thinking that someone is going to use them. I like to know that I am useful and I can contribute a little to improve anything.

If I had to choose my favourite language it would probably be Python due to its simplicity and its particular syntax, but I like the other ones too, and I have been an expert in lots of them.

I feel something special for web development because I started programming websites when I was a child and nowadays I am still doing it.

I think developers have a special power, like Superman, he can fly through the sky, but we are able to imagine something and make it real, it is really wonderful. There are few people who are able to do that. All people have their strengths and their abilities, but a programmer is a programmer.

And eventually, I was born in Barcelona and I am Catalan. Catalan people are special, we can do everything that we propose, there is no limit for us. We are a small country conquered by using brute force by a Spanish government that is afraid of give us freedom.