pau sanchez


pau sanchez

Pau Sanchez V.

Computer Engineer & Full-Stack Developer

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Degree in Business Management (University Escola Industrial de Barcelona)

Degree in Computer Engineering (University of Barcelona)


Python – Java – PHP – HTML – CSS – JavaScript – jQuery – SQL – C – C++ – Android – Linux – POO – POE – Ajax – Dynamic programming – Backtracking solvers – Branch and bound techniques – Search algorithms such as Breadth first search, Uniform cost search, A* Search – Graph algorithms – Software Design


Población: Arenys de Mar (Barcelona)
Teléfono: 660508579

About me

My name is Pau and I am a Computer Engineer who loves programming and enjoys developing games, applications and algorithms. I obtained my degree at the University of Barcelona.

I really like programming Artificial Intelligence algorithms finding the best solution for a given problem, I love developing applications and thinking that someone is going to use them. I like to know that I am useful and I can contribute a little to improve anything.

If I had to choose my favorite programming language, it would be Python due to its simplicity and particular syntax, however I love the other ones too. I feel something special for web development because when I was a child I used to develop websites and nowadays I am still doing it.

I think developers have a special power, like Superman, he can fly through the sky, but we are able to imagine something and make it real. There are few people who are able to do that. It is one of the most beautiful sensations I have ever felt. All people have their strengths and abilities, but a programmer is a programmer.

In addition to work and programming, I love spending my spare time playing swimming, biking, and running. Since I was a child, sport has always been important in my life. I believe that both our body and brain are our weapons to face life, so we must take care of them.

And eventually, I am studying English to obtain the Advanced Certificate, but I am not only doing it by obligation, the truth is that I am enjoying it a lot, I am learning it quickly and like so it much.

Job Experience & Projects

Ciros Trade S.L. (2011 - 2013) - Informática elemental. Mantenimiento de los equipos y de la página web de la empresa. La empresa se dedicaba a la construcción y estaba ubicada en la Ronda Sant Pere de Barcelona.

Likneus S.L. (2007 - 2009) - Elementary computing. It was more than 10 years ago when I was not Engineer yet, however I knew how to develop websites, so among other tasks, I developed the company website in 2010. Nowadays this company does not exist anymore.

Ciros Trade S.L. (2009 - 2011) - Likneus S.L. became to Ciros Trade S.L. in order to solve some problems due to the financial crisis that our country was going through, so my contract was renovated as a Ciros Trade worker. Unfortunately, 2011 was the year in which the whole enterprise had to close its doors forever. It was a turning point for me, because then I decided to start studying again to become an Engineer.

STARTVAL CROWDFUNDING (2012) - StartVal is not a company. It is a project of mine that I developed in 2012. StartVal was a Crowdfunding website that represents my first project in the programming world. Unfortunately, Crowdfunding was governed by the pioneer enterprises like IndieGoGo or QuickStarter, so the project was no longer exists. Nowadays the domain redirects to another project of mine which is a jQuery-slider, because I paid the trade mark and I am still using it.

MAKETHEJOBS (2014) - Makethejobs is another website that I developed. This site was one in which if someone needed a favor, they could publish it and then another user could sign up for the offer and get a reward that the publisher would offer to the person who did the favor. Everything was going well, so the first month I opened the website, my partner and I got more than two thousand users. Finally, a strong argument between us led to close the website. Nowadays the domain redirects to another project of mine due to the same reason as the previous website.

SAVE ALL THE ROBOTS (2016-2018) - ‘Save All The Robots’ is my best creation. It is an online game that involves lots of technologies such as communication client-server, Artificial Intelligence, Software design, etc.. This game can be found by following the link Actually, it was my final degree project, so I love it so much. This game is also available on Android.